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What is Counselling?

Counselling is confidential so it gives you the freedom to express yourself honestly and freely, without fearing that what you've said will be passed onto others, except in very limited circumstances.

Seeking help can often feel like a sign of weakness but in fact it's often an important turning point in finding new and better ways of managing your life.

It can help you come to terms with loss and tragedy in life, such as losing a loved one, so that you're able to pick up the threads of a new life for yourself.

Counselling can help carers by providing emotional support and helping to find new ways of coping. This is why we are working in partnership with Stockport Signpost for Carers to provide an on the spot service for carers who need support.

Couples Counselling can help to unpick what is going wrong in a relationship and find new ways of relating to one another to transform and heal.

Counselling isn't an instant fix, talking about painful things can sometimes make you feel worse before you feel better, but the process of facing and accepting these painful experiences and feelings enables you to move forward with confidence.

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